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I am former leader of the Wales Green Party, initially elected in Dec 2015 and re-elected in Dec 2016, I stepped down in April 2017. I was born and brought up in mid-Wales. I completed my early education in Welsh and can communicate bilingually. I now live in Machynlleth.

Before taking on my role in the Wales Green Party, I helped build capacity in local groups and supported activists across the UK to campaign for social justice with Global Justice Now.

I have presented, spoken and run workshops on radical zero-emissions economies (Zero Carbon Britain project, Centre for Alternative Technology) at over thirty events, engaging with campaigners, local and central government, NGOs and the public. Before working in communications, I coordinated the research on Zero Carbon Britain – including work on balancing supply and demand in a 100% renewable energy system, land use, healthy and sustainable food and diets, and energy efficiency in housing and transport.

I was co-director of This is Rubbish – a campaign against food waste in supply chains – for five years. I helped provide strategic direction, ensure the financial viability of the organisation, develop and uphold our constitution, policies, working structure and practices. Locally I have campaigned with Unite Communities and Powys Uncut against public spending cuts across the region, and represented Wales on the Young Friends of the Earth steering group. I’ve fought against austerity and for sustainability. I have Master’s degrees in Earth System (Climate) Science and Physics.

I believe all the issues we face have common roots: putting profit before people. I believe we need a radically different society and economy.

You can find more out about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile. Connect with me to find videos of me speaking in public, and to explore reports I have written and projects I have been involved in.


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  1. “I am leader of the Wales Green Party, and lead list candidate for Mid and West Wales in the Welsh Assembly election in 2016. This is the region where we stand the best chance of winning an assembly seat.

    I was born and brought up in mid-Wales. I completed my early education in Welsh and can communicate bilingually. I now live in Machynlleth.”

    Dyma’r ardal gyda’r nifer fwyaf o siaradwyr Cymraeg, hefyd.
    Os wyt ti’n medru’r ddwy iaith yn gyfforddus, ble mae’r fersiwn Gymraeg o’r wefan hon, os gweli’n dda?
    Os wyt ti’n dymuno ennill pleidleisiau pobl yr ardal, mae gen ti llawer gwell siawns o wneud hynny trwy gyfathrebu a nhw yn eu mamiaith.

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